Yoga Digest Magazine names Erin YD Warrior!

Erin is thrilled to have been named a Yoga Digest Warrior of 2015/2016. One of her duties is her written contribution to the magazine, and it's an honor to have her thoughts published in each issue. She loves sharing her personal insights and experience (regarding yoga and life) with as many people as possible. Look for her contributions to Yoga Digest Magazine in each issue, on newsstands nationwide and digitally worldwide!

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Onzie releases A-Z of Yoga Video
Featuring Erin!

Erin is honored to have been asked to participate in Onzie's A-Z of Yoga video, which just premiered on Oct. 1st, 2015. This video features many of Los Angeles' favorite yoga teachers, shot at iconic locations throughout the city. Erin is featured as the letter C for Camatkarasana. About this video, Erin said, "It's really cool to help spread this gorgeous imagery — a reminder that yoga is so dynamic, and that there's a type of yoga for everyone." features Erin's thoughts on #YogaSelfies!

Erin was asked to contribute her thoughts on how social media has changed our relationships with our yoga practice, our body, our attitude toward ourselves, and our connections with others. Read her story: